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Realty TV participant successfully obtains compensation for online bullying

Friday, March 20, 2020

A reality TV participant has successfully obtained compensation for online bullying following broadcasts which “unfairly portrayed” the participant.


Nicole Prince was a contestant on Seven Network’s reality television show House Rules in 2017.


After being portrayed in the series as a “villain”, Nicole was bullied and harassed online via social media. She claimed his led to a major depressive episode and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).


Nicole brought a workers compensation claim in relation to that injury.


In order to succeed, the claimant needed to satisfy the Workers Compensation Commission that she was a worker of Seven Network, as opposed to a contractor.


The Commission considered that Seven’s selective and prejudicial editing of footage portrayed the claimant as a villain, which led to social media backlash and caused the claimant to suffer a recognised psychological condition. Seven was aware the claimant had been receiving negative comments on social media but did nothing to remove those comments.


The claimant was successful and awarded compensation.


The claimant’s degree of permanent impairment (DPI) will be medically assessed following which lump sum compensation will be awarded. The maximum lump sum compensation payable for any injury under the New South Wales workers compensation scheme is approximately $580,000.