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"Surviving Your Divorce E-Book" - by Guy Gibbons 


 This book is designed to be a simple guide to the common features present in most separations. It is intended to give you a simple pathway and some common sign posts, to help you navigate your way through this process. 


The book has been written by me using a combination of my legal knowledge gained in more than 20 years of practice as a Lawyer, but also as an observer of many hundreds of these disputes, from the point of view of a Managing Partner observing the interaction between my Lawyers and our clients.


Surviving Your Divorce with Guy Gibbons- YouTube Episodes


These videos are based around Guy Gibbons’ FREE eBook “Surviving Your Divorce” providing a short plain English summary of issues when a relationship ends. We will cover things like:

- What Separation disputes look like

- How to deal with your advisor.

- What are the main points of contention?

- What you need to be communicating and

- The sorts of problems you can expect to encounter.






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