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Family Law

Going through a separation, considering a divorce or need assistance with a child custody matter? The family law specialists at Bennett Carroll Solicitors are here to help. 

Family law matters are a difficult time for everyone involved, especially children, but it is possible to make this difficult time easier for all of you, starting by receiving expert legal advice that empowers you to understand where you stand and the options available to you. 

When a relationship falls apart, a strategy for change that considers the well-being of everyone involved needs to be put in place. This strategy could involve family law mediators helping to resolve a child custody dispute and avoid using family law courts, or it could involve expediting the final steps of the divorce, like spouse maintenance and property settlement.  

Separation, divorce, custody matters and mediation

As family law specialists, we recognise that this is a very complex and emotional area of law that must be handled with compassion and care. All of our family law team at Bennett Carroll Solicitors in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast are legal professionals with real experience who understand your problems and are here to help you.

Our family law solicitors will listen to you, assess your problems, explain the relevant law and outline your options, including family law mediation. We will give you time to think about your options, without any pressure, and help you make an informed decision before proceeding.

All family law cases are supervised by Warren Tegg and the Bennett Carroll senior management team, so you can be confident that your matter will be managed by experienced professionals. To make sure you feel completely comfortable with the family law solicitor advising and representing you, both male and female solicitors are available to assist you.

Whether you’re looking into divorce, separation or family mediation, when you’re ready to discuss your situation with an experienced family law specialist, contact Bennett Carroll Solicitors. We have family lawyers near you in north Brisbane, south Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast who understand your situation and are available for a confidential chat.


With offices located in Brisbane (Upper Mount Gravatt & Stafford), Sunshine Coast (Birtinya) and the Gold Coast (Robina & Mermaid Beach) our experienced family law solicitors are ready to assist you. Please contact us on 1300 334 566. 


Our experienced family law solicitors can help with the following:

Reaching an agreement without going to court

Defacto Matters

Separation & Divorce


Child Custody

Childrens matters

Property & Finance

Court Orders

Family Violence

Separations Involving a Business


With offices located in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast our experienced family law solicitors are ready to assist you. Please contact us on 1300 334 566. 


 "Surviving Your Divorce E-Book" - by Guy Gibbons 

A simple guide for people going through a separation, this book provides a straightforward pathway to help you navigate the divorce process. Drawing upon knowledge gained over more than 20 years’ experience as a lawyer and as an observer of hundreds of divorce disputes, this book is designed to mitigate the stress and anxiety associated with separations.

With law firms located in Brisbane (Upper Mount Gravatt and Stafford), the Sunshine Coast (Kawana) and the Gold Coast (Robina and Mermaid Beach) - our experienced solicitors are available to assist you with your family law matters now. To talk to a lawyer near you, please contact us today. 

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Family Law Advice

Unsure what your options are when separating or seeking a divorce? 

In this series of short videos, Warren Tegg explains the process of seeking a divorce, time frames, choosing a lawyer, keeping in control of the costs and the importance of reaching an agreement that both parties can live with and enables you both to move on with your lives.  

Thinking of mediation?

There is always an opportunity to use family law mediators to help you examine the options that are available to you. Mediation is an important part of the process, can help to reach a compromise and is most effective once both parties have been advised by family law lawyers.

Need expert advice from an experienced family law solicitor? 

With family law firms located in Brisbane northside (Stafford) and southside (Upper Mount Gravatt), the Sunshine Coast (Kawana) and the Gold Coast (Robina and Mermaid Beach), the experienced family law solicitors at Bennett Carroll Solicitors are available to assist you with all family law matters. 

For expert advice on Family Law issues contact us on 1300 334 566.

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