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 Appearing in Court on Police Matters in Queensland- eBook



Appearing in Court at any time can be daunting and frightening; even more so when you are appearing on a Police matter.


Police charges can be “Simple Offences”, or more serious matters called Indictable Offences.


Either way, you need to understand what the process is, and the likely outcomes.


This booklet is not intended to be a replacement for competent Legal Advice.

We strongly recommend that you seek advice regarding your individual situation, and having a representative in Court is always going to present your situation in a better light, and reduce the possibility of an unintended poor outcome.


Having said that, there are times when you may be forced, or may choose to save the cost of having a Lawyer represent you, and there may be times when the charges or the likely penalty, simply don’t justify that cost.



This booklet is designed to give you some direction on the Court process, and how it affects you.

We will cover the following:

  • How does the Court process start?
  • Notice to Appear
  • Arrest and Watch House Bail
  • Arrest and no Bail
  • Bail Conditions
  • What happens at the First Court date?
  • Getting into the Building
  • Registering your Appearance
  • Commencement of Court
  • Appearance and Behavior
  • The Order of Court Matters
  • First Court date
  • Role of the Duty Lawyer
  • Appearing in front of the Magistrate
  • Pleading Guilty
  • Golden Rules for speaking to Magistrates:-
  • Important things for you to cover in your submissions are:-
  • Procedure for second Remand
  • Procedure for Hearing 
  • Common Penalties

All that for just $37.50.



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