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Choosing a conveyancer is an important step when selling or purchasing property. Conveyancers play a critical role as they conduct various searches and checks, prepare legal documents, and arrange settlement.

See “Why should you hire a law firm to manage your conveyance?” for more information

Engaging a good conveyancer will save you stress, time and money.


We have created a list of tips to help you choose a conveyancer that is right for you.  



1. Hire a law firm.


Recently the industry has seen a shift in the way conveyancing is delivered. There are a growing number of  businesses that advertise themselves as ‘conveyancing firms.’ Although the typically operate under a law firm’s banner, these  businesses typically do not offer the usual law firm services such as dispute resolution, commercial law and litigation. They often hire inexperienced or junior staff to cut costs. If you bump into any issues, a ‘conveyancing firm’ will probably not have the personnel, knowledge or skills needed to assist you.


Full-service law firms have experienced, knowledgeable staff that will diligently ensure that your conveyance runs smoothly.  In the event you encounter issues, the law firm you choose should have solicitors on-hand who  can provide you with advice, explain your options in terms you can understand (i.e. without the legal jargon) and resolve the issue.


2. Price


A major factor in deciding whether to engage a certain conveyancer is price. It is good to obtain a number of quotes from different conveyancers. As with most things in life, cheap is not always best. Buying or selling a house is a huge financial decision, so it is important that you trust the conveyancer to do a thorough job. We offer fixed prices on all conveyancing matters. For more information head to:


3.            Services

When choosing a conveyancer, you should enquire about the services provided as part of the quote. Not all firms do the same job. Factory floor firms might cut corners to keep the costs down and ‘win’ your quote, ultimately leaving you at risk. Visit our article for more information on the range of services our conveyancers provide (Hyperlink -


Your quote might include ‘additional services’, so it is important that you understand what they are, whether any extra services might be needed in your conveyance specifically, and how much those services will cost.


4.  Communication 

A good line of communication between you and a conveyancer can make a big difference. You need to be comfortable that your conveyancer will keep you in the loop so that you know how your conveyance is progressing. You need to be able to ask questions and get efficient answers out of the firm you choose. This reduces the stress and anxiety commonly experienced by buyers and sellers alike.


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