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Need legal business advice?


Embroiled in a dispute with your business partner and need expert legal business advice?

A dispute with your business partner can often be more difficult and stressful than a personal relationship breakdown. The physical separation that occurs when a relationship breaks down is often not possible in most business environments. What this means is that the underlying sources of the dispute are often not only present, but repeatedly aggravated and have the potential to worsen and become more unbearable by the day. As many businesspeople know only too well, you can’t escape the proximity of a business partnership dispute. 

To make things worse, very few Brisbane law firms have a team of dedicated business dispute lawyers, so few actually know or understand the dynamics of business partnerships or the required dispute resolution and partnership dissolution processes. Couple this lack of understanding and experience with the common misunderstandings among business owners on the subject, and you have a recipe for an expensive mess and long delays. 

This is where the expertise of a dedicated business dispute attorney makes such an important difference and proves so valuable. If you’re entangled in a vicious business dispute and want to resolve the situation as quickly and amicably as possible, contact Bennett Carroll Solicitors for a confidential chat with one of our experienced business partnership dispute lawyers. 

Resolve your business dispute quickly and favourably 

Over many years in conjunction with business accountants all over Australia, Bennett Carroll has developed a process for quickly and effectively determining the best and most favourable outcomes for our clients. Once we’ve analysed the issue and determined the best way to proceed, we’ll help you institute a strategy that drives towards that outcome. 

Our business dispute solicitors in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast can advise you of your rights, options responsibilities and liabilities, and assist you with:  

  • Partnership disputes
  • Partnership agreements
  • Retirement provisions
  • Buyout of partnerships
  • Compensation
  • Separations involving partners
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Issues in family-based businesses
  • Family law separations involving a business 
  • Private and public companies
  • Arbitration, mediation and litigation

Implementing an effective and well-planned business dispute strategy that takes into account all potentialities at an early stage almost always leads to faster, cheaper and better outcomes.


Bennett Carroll can assist with your Business Partnership Dispute by advising you of :

- Your Rights

- Your Options

- Your Responsibilities

- Your Liabilities

So for legal business advice in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast or Gold Coast, contact our team today



Why choose Bennett Carroll to help resolve your business dispute?

As a family and business law firm with 45 years’ experience to our name, Bennett Carroll Solicitors understand all the ins-and-outs of partnership disputes in business organisations of all sizes from multinational companies through to small businesses. Whether you’re currently involved in a business dispute or are considering dissolving a business partnership and wish to do so as amicably as possible, give Bennett Carroll a call on 1300 334 566 today. 

With law firms in north Brisbane at Stafford, south Brisbane at Upper Mount Gravatt, Robina and Mermaid Beach on the Gold Coast and Kawana on the Sunshine Coast, Bennett Carroll has dedicated business dispute solicitors near you. 

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