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Struggling to get into your first home? Act now to receive up to $40K


** Video and Script** Struggling to get into your first home? Act now to receive up to $40K PLUS in government grants for first home buyers in Queensland. Your guide to getting into your first home with a leg up of $40k PLUS in grants in concessions. (Grants First Home Owners Grant Qld 2020, Home Builder Grant and stamp duty concessions)
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Common Funeral Questions - Wills & Estates Law


The loss of a loved one can be an extremely difficult time for family and friends. This is often exacerbated by the uncertainty of how funeral arrangements and estate administration occur. We have compiled the following list of common funeral-related questions to assist those navigating this challenging time.
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Upcoming School Holidays & Your Children


Have you worked out visitation for the June-July Winter school holidays? Many parents love to spend that extra time with their children. As a result school holidays are a very important time for some families, however, it can also be a difficult occasion to negotiate for those who are separated and sort out what arrangements should be in place for the children.
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The Importance of Body Corporate Disclosure Statements


Full disclosure regarding body corporate information is an essential step in the sale of an existing or proposed lot of land in a community titles scheme. Despite its importance, there is a concerning disregard among some sellers and their agents in performing this duty. Failure to comply with the legal requirements surrounding disclosure statements can lead to disastrous consequences for sellers and real estate agents alike. It is therefore important that both sellers and agents have a good understanding of the requirements prior to entering into a contract of sale.
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