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Warren Tegg

Department Head of Family Law 


Guy Gibbons

Warren is a senior consultant for the Family Law Department at Bennett Carroll.

Warren has been working in the Law since the early 70's having served his Articles of clerkship with McCafferty Waters and Ward a firm at the time, which ranked as one of the largest and most respected legal firms outside the Brisbane city centre. Warren was admitted as a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Queensland and of the High Court of Australia in 1979.

Post admission Warren worked in an employed role with a colleague also from McCafferty Waters conducting general Litigation with a focus on Personal Injuries. By early 1980 Warren went into partnership as a Principal of his own firm and remained a Principal and practicing Solicitor of that firm until 2001 when he merged the Practice with Bennett Carroll.

Warren is in a real sense, what used to be called a General Law Practitioner. He has been fortunate to spend many years working in various roles throughout his Career however by 1976 the Family Law Act had arrived on the scene and he took a keen interest in this new work taking it on for his then employer. While Warren also has a solid grounding in general Litigation, Commercial and Business advice, Wills and Estate work his real area of significant experience is Family Law.

In developing his Practice through the 80's and 90's Warren developed a number of innovative ways of assisting the community in general should a Family split occur. From the mid 90's in particular Warren joined a national Network participating in running call lines that gave people in distress immediate assistance with Family Law legal issues. This work continues today within the Bennett Carroll service framework.

The experience Warren has amassed over three decades of Family Law work provides him with the tools needed to assist clients troubled by what seems at times the most intractable of problems. His goal is to get to the root of any problem and find a practical solution.

Warren also spent the years between 1989 and 1994 training and working with Relationships Australia as a mediator. This work and the skills acquired doing it have proven invaluable in the current Family Law environment, where particularly in children's matters at least an attempt at a mediated result is mandatory.

Warren has most recently completed training as a Child representative and continues to update and add to his skills as an advocate every year. His experience tells him that nothing is more certain than the fact that Family law will continue to change with time and the progression of Australian societies views. He remains committed to staying ahead of that curve.

Separate from his work Warren remains an active member and supporter of the Queensland Law Society (QLS). He has served on many QLS committees since the late 80's and is still a member of the Practice Management Section committee with his focus being small and regional firms. Warren has achieved and surpassed the recognisable milestone of 25 years continuous service as a Solicitor admitted to the Supreme Court of Queensland.

His interests outside of the Law include cycling for fitness and Motor racing. He is an avid racer of Historic Touring Cars in Queensland hence the need for the fitness.

Call Warren or email for a Fixed Fee consultation. He developed this concept in the 90's to give client's in need a thorough grounding on the Law and the issues affecting them so that they might be well prepared to make informed decisions about their future.