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Business Partnership Disputes

A dispute with your business partner can often be more difficult and stressful than a personal relationship breakdown.  The physical separation that occurs when a relationship breaks down, is often not possible in a business environment.  This means the underlying sources of the dispute are present and aggravated day after day.  You can’t escape the proximity.

To make things worse, very few law firms actually know or understand the dynamics of a business, and the process for resolving the dispute or dissolving the partnership.
Couple this with a great deal of ignorance and misunderstanding among business owners on the subject, and you have a recipe for an expensive mess and long delay. 
Over many years in conjunction with business accountants all over Australia, Bennett Carroll has developed a process for quickly determining what the best and most likely outcomes for clients are, and instituting a strategy to drive towards that outcome.
As with most things, a well explained and implemented strategy at an early stage, almost always leads to a faster, cheaper, and better outcome. 
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