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Why Agents should refer their Buyers and Sellers to Bennett Carroll


When a client is Buying or Selling a property, and asks you, I don’t actually have a Solicitor, can you recommend someone”, agent’s answers differ.


Some say,      “Oh no you have to work that out for yourself”.

Some say,      “Here is a list of three, you choose”.

Some say,      “These are the people we have worked with, we found them to be good, have a chat with them”.


What’s in it for you?

We believe you should recommend Bennett Carroll for the following reasons:-

  1. We will make sure, as far as possible, that your clients matter settles on time;
  2. We will make sure that everything is explained in simple English so that you are not constantly having to “give advice”, to fill in the gaps provided by the parties Solicitors; and
  3. If there is an issue to be resolved, we will keep you in the loop. After all, you are the only one that has a relationship with both of the parties and can help resolve that issue.

These things will ensure that, as far as possible, your clients’ sales settle on time with the minimum of fuss.


This is why you should recommend your Contract parties to Bennett Carroll.




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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Treasury Laws Amendment Act – GST Withholding Obligation for New Residential Property rom July 1 2018, purchasers of “new residential premises” and certain subdivisions of “potential residential land” are now required to withhold one eleventh of the sale price (or 7% where the margin scheme applies) from the vendor and remit this directly to the ATO.
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Wednesday, May 02, 2018

While the Fair Work Commission’s amendments to the Award will produce more clarity in employee classification and fairer employment terms for employees in commission-only contracts, employees and employers alike must take extra caution in drafting their contracts to ensure they adhere to the more stringent requirements. Your existing employment/contractor structures and pro forma material may need to be reviewed to ensure compliance.
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“We have a client who decided to use a local solicitor and I told her we are missing the easy interaction we have developed with Bennett Carroll.

The client is keeping us informed as the solicitor isn’t and it is so frustrating as takes twice as long to get things resolved.

You have a got a good team and we are enjoying our professional liaisons.”

- Lynda - Real Estate Agent


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